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A Freshly Cut Lawn Every Day

Eco Friendly and Affordable

Reliable and Quiet


Zero Emissions

Old school Lawn equipment generates over 5% of U.S. pollution and it’s estimated that 17 million gallons of fuel are spilled each year gassing up that equipment. Robots and all theĀ  equipment we use in your yard are quiet, battery powered and emissions free.

Reliability at a Lower Price

By automating mowing and focusing our time on other services for you, we reduce the overall cost of your lawn and yard care. Your Robot will be programmed to work when you want, it never takes a day off, does what it’s told and is so quiet it can mow at night.

A Perfect Cut Every Day

Because your Robot is regularly cutting the lawn, it cleanly cuts just the tip of the grass blade each time. This does not shock your grass like it does when it’s mowed once a week or longer. These tiny clippings fall below the surface and become fertilizer for your lawn giving you a greener lusher lawn.

Professional Installation and No Maintenance

A Technician will install the perimeter wire and docking pad per manufacturer specifications and program your Robot. We will regularly maintain your robot including changing the blades during the mowing season and will pick up your Robot to clean, service and store it during winter months. During the winter (Nov-March) we go into uber/lyft mode. Call, text or email when your lawn need us and we’ll be right over.


*Based on approx 3k sq ft single family home, standard lot size.
*Does not include installation and programming.
*Only pay for the months your Robot works (April thru October).

$50.00 per uber/lyft visit Nov-Feb. Mow only.

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